Create SOLIDWORKS BOM with thumbnail preview

Export SOLIDWORKS BOM to Excel with thumbnail preview – SOLIDWORKS MACRO

  1. This macro exports a selected SOLIDWORKS BOM to Excel.
    A thumbnail preview is created for each of the BOM components.
  2. You must have Excel installed.
  3. This macro works with parts-only BOM.

Problems running the macro? Report a bug here.

Amen is a SOLIDWORKS API Developer. He enjoys helping the community by answering questions in the SOLIDWORKS API forums as well as writing enterprise-grade applications for the CAD industry for customers across the globe.

Technologies and frameworks he likes to work with: C#, WPF MVVM, EntityFramework, SQLSERVER, SOLIDWORKS API, JS (ThreeJs).

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  1. Hello, Mr. Amen,

    first of all I would like to say briefly that I am glad that there are such persons as you. I am very interested in your solution regarding the parts list with preview. If all this works with the BOM I will try your PDM solution. Is it possible to get step by step instructions for the parts list? I always get an error message (You have not selected any bill of materials). I’d love to get it done, but I’m not getting any further. I’m always grateful for help.

    With kind regards

    Ilyas Zorla

    • Thanks for your comment Ilyas. I appreciate your interaction.
      If you are getting that message, it means that you have not selected a bill of materials.
      Follow these steps:
      – Open you SOLIDWORKS assembly document
      – Insert a bill of materials
      – Select the bill of materials in the three 3D space
      – Run the macro

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